Workshop testing device 7707N-1W STAHLWILLE


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EAN nr.: 4018754181148
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7 - 14 dienās
Electronic testing device SENSOTORK®

Design: Robust construction for horizontal and vertical attachment. Mounting the test torque wrench occurs by means of a square socket. Switches between Nm, ft lb and in lb. Compact tester with easy integration with easily exchangeable sensors. High accuracy due to flat sensors, thus low lateral forces. Automatic recognition of sensors. Excellent safety by additional display of the actually tightened torque with releasing torque wrenches. For clockwise and counterclockwise measurement. Supplied in a plastic case including a stand with a 1.5 m cable to hold the display device for better testing with long torque wrenches, software, USB adapter and jack plug cable (for transferring the measured values to a PC), operating instructions and certificate Application: To check or adjust clockwise direction torque wrench. Through simple operation and rugged construction suitable for workshop, industrial and quality assurance.

Testing range0,4–20 N·m
Testing range ft·lb0,3–15
Testing range in·lb3,5–177
Wrench size1/4 inch
Square SW– inch
Weight9,5 kg

4,126.10 EUR Ar PVN

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